The 10 hottest restaurants in Toronto right now

There’s no longer denying that Toronto has some of the finest restaurants in town that have folks all lined up for a spot at the table. This doesn’t come as a surprise at all especially seeing as the restaurants have invested in having truly remarkable dining scenes that have managed to dazzle quite a handful of restaurant lovers. In this article, we are going to explore some of the finest restaurants that Toronto has to offer.

1. La Palma

La Palma restaurant is a sleek venture from Alexandra Hutchison and Chef Craig. Although it is known by day as a café and Italian takeaway, by night it turns into the most elegant restaurant ever laid eyes on. At La Palma customers get to indulge in a number of goodies including pastries.

2. Oretta

The Oretta restaurant is a sophisticated Italian restaurant situated in King West. Its chic retro environment provides both individuals and partners a favorable environment to have quick solo lunches, after hour’s celebrations and short meetings.

3. Baro

Baro is a restaurant in Toronto that is situated across the street on King West. They majorly focus on giving their customers’ food that is of Latin nature in addition to providing them with a lively atmosphere and an expanded list of ostentatious cocktails.

4. Piano Piano

Piano Piano is a renowned restaurant located on Harbord in Toronto. The restaurant offers among many things a number of Italian delicacies at reasonably affordable prices to its customers.

5. Lake Inez

Lake Inez is a cozy and charming restaurant in Little India that features Asian inspired eats and comfort foods. The restaurant has a homey welcoming vibe that helps lure customers from all walks of life.

6. La Banane

La Banane is a French restaurant on Ossington that borrows from a number of cultures including the French expressions. The restaurant has three areas that include the front space, the middle bar area topped with marble and a back dining room.

7. AF1 Caribbean Canteen

The AF1 Caribbean Canteen which is located in Little Italy is a brainchild of Adriane Forte that has given most restaurants in sight a run for their money.

8. Kiin

Kiin is a Thai restaurant located on Adelaide West. The restaurant mostly serves Thai dishes that combine noble influences and memories from the chef’s childhood.

9. Grey Gardens

The Grey Gardens is a fairly new bar from Jen Agg that has created a ton of buzz in Toronto. It features among many other things organic wines and ciders from local breweries.

10. Awai

The Awai is a plant based restaurant located in Bloor West Village. One of the most striking things about this restaurant is that they operate on a no gratuity basis that allows customers to pay for what they want.
If you are ever in Toronto for either a vacation or for business purposes, any of the above-mentioned restaurants will suffice in as far as exquisite cuisines and drinks are concerned.