7 Easy & Delicious Meals to Cook while Abroad

The importance of having healthy food cannot be downplayed at all because it happens to be an essential element of our being and health. Even so, with all that one has to juggle throughout the day, it becomes practically impossible to get even a few minutes to get together a decent meal leaving us to go for the next available option which is getting food from a restaurant. Unfortunately, even those restaurants may not always have the kind of meals we are accustomed to and as they say, if you want it you have to get it done yourself. Here are a few easy yet delicious meals that you can easily cook yourself while living abroad.
Pasta and salmon

Though seemingly simple, with packs of raw salmon and pasta you can be able to make a delicious delicacy. All you have to do is:
• Buy packs of raw salmon.
• Freeze the packs of raw salmon in a refrigerator.
• Cook the pasta based on the instructions given on the package.
• Add chopped vegetables and pieces of salmon to cooking oil that has been preheated.
• Add cheese, whipping cream and chopped basil leaves.
• Once done drain the pasta and then carefully mix everything.

Rosemary roast chicken

• Buy some chicken and pour cooking oil to grease it nicely.
• Chop a few onions and potatoes.
• Preheat the oven and then place your chicken on a casserole dish.
• Add the potatoes and onions that you had earlier chopped as well as rosemary.
• Cover the dish with foil paper once you are done adding all the vegetables and cook for about an hour or so.
• After an hour, remove the foil and let it cook for another 30 minutes so that the outer surface can become brown.


The omelet is by far the easiest meal that you can ever make. All you have to do is:
• Add some vegetables to your beaten egg, some salt, pepper and a bit of milk.
• Pour the mixture into a pan greased with cooking oil or butter.
• Flip the egg over once the bottom is cooked and add some cheese onto it.
Mexican tacos
• Fry some beef or chicken in a frying pan.
• Add vegetables and herbs then top up with salsa and cheese.

Grilled beans on toast

• If you have a can of beans with you,
• Take the can and pour it into a dish with baking powder.
• Heat it in the oven with some cheese.
• Once grilled, serve with garlic or toast bread.

Fried rice

• Take some vegetables and chop them up nicely.
• Cook the chopped vegetables in a pan.
• Wait until your rice is well cooked and then mix the rice with the vegetables and then fry in a frying pan.
• Add soya sauce to add flavor to your food.

Shepherd’s pie with mashed potatoes

• Boil pieces of beef or lamb in a pan.
• Mix them with granular gravy.
• Peel a few potatoes and mash them while adding butter evenly.
• Add the boiled pieces of meat into a baking dish with a layer of mashed potatoes.
• Grate some cheese and sprinkle on the mixture while adding few basil leaves.
• Preheat the oven.
• Bake the dish for about 15 to 20 minutes.

As you can see, there are a number of easy to do meals that you can prepare yourself when you feel an undying craving for food that you are accustomed to.