6 Must-Try Unique Dining Experiences in Chicago

Chicago has a lot to offer not only in terms of sceneries but also dining experiences. Once you step therein, it’s as though something shifts and takes you away to a whole new world of opportunities and experiences. Some of the unique dining experiences that you may want to try out in the course of your stay in Chicago include:

  1. Moto/ing

The moto/ing is a creation of Chef Homaru Cantu’s. It is basically an exotic fruit whereby the chef uses vanilla scented smoke and leather aromas to further enhance the flavors of caramel and chocolate. This exotic fruit often times comes in form of a plated chocolate glove and mostly appears at the very end of the prix fixe menu. For you to get to enjoy this exotic fruit you will have to part with about $50 – $140 at the Fulton Mkt.

  1. Baume and Brix

The Baume and Brix is a menu that is organized into four sections namely; starters, entrees, weird stuff and shared plates. Some of the most common dishes in this menu include:

  • Grilled cheese with Brun-uusto cheese
  • Quince and Rooibos ice-cream
  • Frostee and fries

You can easily get this unique culinary adventure at 351W Hubbard.

  1. Next

Next is a culinary adventure that involves changing the menu every four months so as to explore new themes through multi course meals. You can get this adventure at a cost of $95 – $130 from 953W Fulton Mkt.

  1. So you think you are a foodie

So you think you are a foodie is a culinary adventure that is very much similar to next in the sense of trying out new things. However, this particular adventure features different whole animal feasts only. The only downside to it is that it is a little bit old fashioned and often requires one to make a reservation at Frontier.  The interesting thing about this adventure is that guests only get to find out what they are having when they sit at the table. You can get a sneak peak of this adventure at 1072N Milwaukee at a cost of $65.

  1. L2O

L2O is a culinary adventure that involves serving seafood as part of the prix fixe or tasting menu. For this culinary adventure, one has to part with a cost of $140 – $210 per person. As in regards to where you can find this delicacy, 2300 North Lincoln Park W is the place to be.

  1. Go 4 Food

The Go 4 food is a Chinatown finger food placed in the dining room that costs about $25. For you to get this delicacy you have to go to 212W and 23rd ST.

If you’re ever in Chicago and feel like you need a break from the normal dining experiences, you can try out any of the above-mentioned delicacies and we promise you, you might just end up asking for the recipe or keep visiting Chicago for more of it.