6 Tools Restaurants Can Use to Offer Mobile Ordering

In today’s fast paced world where every second seems to count mobile ordering is bound to become the next big thing in the very near future. And although this is a good thing, it is kind of disheartening to know that there’s only a handful of national restaurant chains that have discovered the benefits of mobile ordering. In this article, we are going to explore six tools that restaurants can make use of to offer mobile ordering to their ever growing customer base.

1. GrubHub

GrubHub is an online ordering tool that makes it possible for restaurants to accept mobile orders made by customers through a marketplace site. With the GrubHub, tool customers are able to discover restaurants that offer delivery services nearby.

2. eHungry

eHungry is an online ordering tool that makes it possible for restaurants to swiftly start accepting digital orders. With eHungry, customers have the luxury of browsing the menus that restaurants upload and pay for the orders either via credit card or PayPal. To make it a little bit more interesting the eHungry tool also offers features that are meant to generate coupons and promotions alongside re-ordering for regular customers.

3. Chow Now

The Chow Now is a mobile ordering tool that takes the customers orders through a website, face book page or mobile app. It is often times used by restaurants that don’t want to go through the hurdles of funneling their customers to external websites and mobile apps.

4. Zuppler

Zuppler is a mobile ordering tool that helps add online ordering capabilities to websites and mobile apps. Restaurants often upload their dishes to the Zuppler tool ensuring that they have up sells and add-ons and Zuppler, in turn, provides customizable menus that can be added to the websites, social media pages, and apps. With the new customized menus, customers are able to click on the menus and place their orders.

5. Splick-It

Splick it is a sophisticated mobile ordering app that provides hotels, airports and convenience stores with the necessary technology required to come up with the web and mobile ordering apps. The beauty about the splick it ordering tool is that customers have the luxury of placing orders for takeout through the apps.

6. Square order

The square order is a mobile ordering tool that was introduced by Square last sometime last year that enables customers to place orders at given businesses before arriving. This means that a customer can order for coffee while walking towards the coffee shop if they don’t want to experience any unnecessary delays. What’s more, it also allows customers to pay for purchases without necessarily having to render any cash hence making it a tad easier to hasten the services rendered.
With the advancements in technology and the changing fast paced world, it has become absolutely necessary for businesses to make adjustments in accordance with the changing times so as to accommodate customers from all walks of life. These tools will be a great help for restaurants that want to make their clients lives easier by introducing mobile ordering services.